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Having a good personal trainer is like having a doctor which helps you stay wealthy since health is real wealth. Exercise is a powerful therapy for a wide range of conditions, prevent or cure heart disease, hypertension or it boost your imune system by helping the lymphatic system work harder and many more. In the same time while exercising the happiness molecule - serotonin level is growing making you happier, more confident and more creative. Thank you Alex and I wish you all "Just do it" with your Nike Fuelband since it helps you stay responsible with your health through the level of move you make every day
Bogdan Prajisteanu
Alex is a great trainer and teacher! He helps you stay on track to achieve your goals, pushing you out of your confort zone and keeping an eye on your progress and motivation even after the sessions are over. Alex practices what he preaches and is always pushing himself also out of his confort zone and routine. In keeping fit and weight loss motivation is key to reach your goals! But the hard part is also to maintain your succes. Alex will check on you and give you the push you need to stay focused!
Raluca Zoitanu
"Alex the impaler promises only sweat, pain and brutality" "Super Alex makes you sweat in style" "Better body, better life with the brilliant Alex"
Simon Walter
Financial Advisor

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Alignment

What style do you practice? What is your experience?

What can I do for you


Improving the general health, releasing the stress, improving the mobility&flexibility


Strenghten the core and fixing back problems


General tonus, losing weight


Increasing the muscles volume and shape the body.


Increasing the oxigen volume intake


Speed and strenght in one word

My job is your result!