My story...

Hi there! I’m so happy that you want to learn more about me.

I grew up in Bucharest, Romania, playing football between grey building blocks. Later I became a professional football player, until I was 25. After I finished the Academy of Physical Education and Sport, I stepped up in the world of the fitness industry.


I started as fitness instructor and then manager, personal trainer, group fitness instructor. I was teaching tonning, legs&abs, cycling, boot camp, body pump, interval training, body balance, pilates.

Personal training

In 2006 I was very glad to start to share my experience in physical activities and sport combined with my knowledge from university and master degrees to my clients, to motivate them and to push them to fulfil their goals.

I trained with them, I cried with them, I failed and I succeeded with them but the most important thing was the special relation that I have built with each one, so we became friends.

Group classes

The beginning in teaching group classes was hard. Listening the music and doing the workout in the same time with choreography, was something new.

After the first step it’s started to become fun. With music playing and everyone else working with you, it can feel more like a party than a workout. This is especially true for cycling and aerobic classes, which were built around high-energy music and a social atmosphere

My yogic adventure...

After I discovered yoga, everything changed. This old system which connect body&mind start's to be more and more present in my life. I start to do workshops all over the world, to become certified by Yoga Alliance, to serch and discover new styles.
I start to integrate yoga in all my physical activities

What is yoga for me?


What is fitness for me?






What is food for

Healthy life

What means healthy life for me